Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes yes! We do still enjoy maintaining our humble abode. Our grass was so stinking long there was just no question.

The story actually goes as follows... Tarah and I were in the living room doing homework, and just after she had finished expressing her frustration and how fed up with she was with the homework she had yet to even start she jumped up and said thats it! as she went out the back door. We figured she just needed a little fresh air. (I know what your thinking, fresh air in Mesa? We're just trying to be optimistic.) She took us by complete surprise when we heard the lawn mower rev up. We had talked about mowing it because as you can see it was SO long, but the circumstances were so incredibly random we couldn't help but laugh, and ... ofcourse whip out the cameras. Life is good!

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Jentry said...

You girls are just SO cute!
I'm so happy you have a blog!
You just need to update it! :]