Friday, March 6, 2009

Elder Westover's HOME from Canada eh?!!!

Elder Westover got home from Candada!!!... and it was SO SO SO FUN because Josh and Colter were able to come down from Utah, Sid and Anna were able to come, Mom and Dad made it from Pittsburgh, Aunt Ellie was there, and of course the rest of us were there! It was so good to see everyone that could be there. We missed Jared and laci (they were there that evening though) John and Sonia, Jospeh and Lisa, and Bekah though. There were so many kids crowding the exit of the gate with signs and balloons I don't think the other passengers getting off the plane knew how to handle it. When Jacob finally got off the plane, it was SO good to see him. He was immediately bombarded by at least 12 excited nieces and nephews the second he crossed over that line. He was released at President Melina's house just after that, and then we all went to the Brown's house to visit and spend some time together. It was so much fun and it's so good to have Jacob home. :)

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