Saturday, July 17, 2010

And... we're back.

I'm back from China! which means, Tarah and I are back together again and looking forward to yet another semester at MCC in the valley. I came home and we LOVED seeing all of our family but John and Sonia and their kids. We really missed them and Adelynn and Enoch... but what a party. It's always so much fun getting together all of us siblings, especially after being away for 6 months. Our big sister Rebekah is married. We can hardly believe it, but we are so lucky to have her here with us for a month before she's off and away to San Fransisco for a while. Her Jesse is off at sea, and she is missing him so much, but we really appreciate her here training us in the office. So Tarah and I are here at home with Mom and Dad for the month of July training for Dental Assisting, and then we plan on going back down to the valley for another year. We're looking for somewhere to live right now, crossing our fingers on a house we might be able to seal the deal on, which would be such a blessing for us. So... life has been awesome for the last six months, but we can now resume our 'awesome lives 'together again. :) Ha. It sounds like we're married.


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