Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh how great...

AC is 100% functioning now. The AC guy came and fixed it this morning, which is so great, so wonderful, and feels so good. Quick Update: We sold our car. Tyrel bought it and we're so grateful he did. Our current car, Gaston... our 96 Saturn will be great for the next year or so, disregarding the fact that there is no AC. But shoot, in Mesa, where the weather is gorgeous year round, that's a minor detail. Meh.

We love our apartment. Harmony our roommate is adorable, suuuper friendly and a chatter box, but we love it. She's way fun. School started. It'll be good. We have one class together, Biology. The professors name is Sarah and thus far, she seems more into helping her students succeed rather than fail everyone miserably and sit back and enjoy it. She is certainly not a Dr. Keating. Curse her. :)

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