Friday, October 29, 2010

HOLY SMOKES! Nervous much?

For crying out loud, I am going on a date tonight with this guy I really like. Yep, Jared Hitchcock. He's KIND OF adorable and wonderful. He opens the door for his cousins, and Sarah and I are in love with him. Anyway, I'm sitting at my kitchen table waiting for him to come pick me up. He should be here in about 15 minutes and I am so nervous. I can't stop walking around the house, and feeling like I have to pee over and over again. ha (excuse my looseness ha) I feel like I might smell too strong, and that I should have only put one spray of perfume on...oh goodness I don't know! Sarah isn't even here to like hold my hand or SOMETHING! stomach feels like it might turn upside down. Actually no it already has turned upside down and I just keep feeling it go round and round again.....over and over like I'm about to throw up.

Come on. I mean, it's a date! One date. This is how I know I need to get out more. A lot more. This is ridiculous. We're having a dinner picnic, then he's going to watch my play in my soccer game tonight. If I survive it and don't make a complete fool of myself, then I shall report back on how it goes.



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