Friday, January 2, 2009

Coronado Island- Sunset on the Beach!

Christmas time at the Beach!!! We saw a family taking their family pictures on the beach and it was so cute, they all had shorts and tank tops on, beach wear, with scarves and they were all gathered around this little snow man. :) It brought a smile to our faces.

Ahhh YES! The beach at sunset is a favorite!! It was so so so beautiful! We obviously didn't do any kind of swimming but it was so fun to be there. The beach that we went to was on Coronado Island and the sand was just white and so clean!


Beauties and the Beast said...

You girls are so cute!!!!! It looks like you had a blast - I too, LOVE Cali! You took some beautiful pictures and some darling ones of the two of you - I like the standing on shoulder one. Also, Tarah love the short hair and braceless smile. Darling - and girls the pretend wedding rings I'mm sure didn't stop the guys! Thanks for updating!

Sarah and Tarah said...

ha.... Thanks Lisa. We are trying really hard to make our blog as cute as yours... but no matter how hard we try. it's just not possible! :) Thank you for the nice words though, it makes us feel better. haha We love you. . . SO MUCH!