Friday, January 2, 2009

More of the LOVELY California

This picture pretty much just speaks for itself... :)

Do you SEE what I am talking about?? It's BEAUTIFUL!!

We loved this house. It's just so cute and quaint.... with the cobblestone streets and street lights and OF COURSE the fall leaves surrounding it....wonderful.

My GOODNESS! The color of the leaves in San Diego this time of year are amazing. Kind of breath taking actually. They were so beautiful! We drove around to some random homes that were super cute and fun and just hung out enjoying the weather, the leaves, the atmosphere; it was fantastic! The first picture of the single leaf on the cobblestone is a favorite! It was so GORGEOUS and Sarah and I are suckers for cobblestone streets. If we could live someplace where there were cobblestone streets and beautiful ligh posts lining the streets then we'd be there in an instant!

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Magnificent Myers said...

LOVe that picture of the leaf on the cobblesone sidewalk. Which of you lovely ladeis took that? You are WAY too modest about your blog! Cute. It reminds me of my single life seeing all your fun little roadtrips and schtuff.