Thursday, March 17, 2011

And now...... Jared and I. :)

Oh.... here he is. He's incredibly good looking and handsome and adorable and wonderful and just down right cute huh? ;) May I just say that last night we just had a lot of fun and I fell a little more in love with him. He's wonderful.

I love this boy. He's so great.

This is our extraordinary snowman. Isn't it excellent!? We named him Leonard. Lenny for short.

Ok, one night Jared and I went to a BYU basketball game and just for this ONE game, to support breast cancer, the team wore BRIGHT PINK nike basketball shoes. It was so AWESOME! Yeah, that's how ridiculously spectacular BYU is. We had fun. It was awesome to be there!

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Just the Seven of Us said...

tarah - thanks for posting a picture of you guys! I've been dying here! So ... when do we get to meet him! Or, am i pushing it! I guess for now I can settle for another picture, or maybe at least one a week until we get to meet him. That would make up for it! :-) You guys are cute - and I LOVE the stop sign story! LOVE IT!