Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family Night

Last Night I went to Jacob and Rebekah's house for FHE. AND...JOSHUA was in town! We had a yummy spaghetti dinner, then Rebekah made some cookies and Jacob shared an article from the ensign this month. It was really wonderful. It was actually the hometeaching message for the month by Elder Uchtdorf about looking for the good in all people and situations in life. I loved it. It is so applicable to all of us and that principle has already really blessed me in my life a lot. Life truly becomes so much more enjoyable when we can go about each day seeing the good things, not the bad in each other and in situations we are confronted with. The gospel of Jesus Christ is so true. It makes me so happy :)

**Jared and I went over to his cousin Andrew's house and helped them paint some things for their new home. It was good, and fun, but I got home so late and I am getting sick. Oh boy.....

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