Monday, March 21, 2011

Stop signs.... :)

So, last Wednesday, March 16 to be exact, I picked Jared up from school at 3 and I went and enjoyed the afternoon with his little siblings, Grandma Ray, Jared's Aunt Jenise, and his Mother Christine. It was very fun. We helped make 11 pans of lasagna that Christine was freezing for Jared's brothers wedding in April. Then Leah, Nathan, Tanner (some of Jared's little siblings) and I went outside and played some basketball for a while. It was so fun just being there and playing. But the day doesn't end anytime soon.... it gets so much better!

Ha. This is adorable. Jared and I drove up Provo Canyon the other day and we walked the trail to bridal veil falls, which for those of you who don't know, is a waterfall in the canyon. It really is beautiful. Anyway, it was an overcast day. Absolutely gorgeous outside. Not too cold at all, so we decided to do it and we went and enjoyed the waterfall and just kinda stood in a hug for a little bit (and he might have added a kiss here and there) when it started to rain pretty hard on us. HA... so I can't run on my knee so we just kinda walked along! It was great. So... we're walking and we come to a stop sign which obviously is meant for people in cars but I grabbed his arm to kinda stop him and looked at him and said, "We're supposed to stop here." Then I reached up and kissed him. (I know I'm pretty romantic huh? ;))

Anyway, I put my arms around him and said, "I can't see Jared so you'll have to look both ways and let me know when the coast is clear." His very sly reply was as follows, "Oh it's very busy. There are lots of cars coming both ways." ha, and OF COURSE there are NO cars out at all! ha.... so he kisses me again and eventually we continue. You know how strict those officers are now a days. We had to be sure we made a complete stop. ;)
On our way home, he kissed me at every stop sign we came to. ha ha.... and he switched up the route to hit as many as he could. It was so great. We just had fun.

***We also talked a little and I am definitely still going up to Idaho for school in April.

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Kim said...

so FREAKING cute!