Monday, July 18, 2011


Check this handsome bugger out!! Oh man, I'm so lucky to be in love with such a great guy. My roommate had a photography assignment for one of her classes to take some pictures of a couple and when Jared surprised me and came up here to see me about a month ago, we helped my roommate out with her assignment. :) I'm really white compared to him, but I've been in Idaho! He's been soaking up the Mesa heat. :) Little punk. Anyway....I have a lot to update so ill do it soon!


Jentry said...!

tarah!!! you two are just soooo stinking adorable!! i love it!

i love your blog, & i love you!

Kim said...

uuumm so freaking cute!

deveney said...

Great pictures :) I wouldn't mind getting one in the mail with, say a, *ahem* wedding announcement *ahem* ;)

But really, cute pictures!

Sarah Katherine Westover said...

cute love. i've been waiting for a post. :) i'm excited you posted these.