Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quezon City North Mission..... I'm coming. :)

Well... I leave exactly 2 months from today. I report to the MTC in Provo on September 28th. I am so nervous, and unprepared but I'm putting my SHOULDER TO THE WHEEL! I am going to own this mission. I'm going to totally work it. :) The tagolog language....yeah it's got NOTHIN on me :)

(Who am I kidding? I am so terrified. Power of positive thinking right?)

So I still have like $3,000.00 to earn for my mission and I am stressing out a little but it will all work out and the Lord will provide. (If you'd like to make a small (or big) contribution ha... send your checks to......... I'm totally kidding guys. But if you have a charitable rich relative, let me know, I'll give you my address. ;)But seriously.

Here is a very miniature list of a few seriously ridiculous things I am scared of on my mission.

-Eating rice 3 times a day and coming back 50 pounds heavier with rice cheeks.
-Completely freezing up and not knowing how to communicate in the language.
-Sweating my guts out (it's 90-100% humidity ALL YEAR ROUND).
-MASSIVE bugs.
-A companion who has a chronic gas problem. (ha...I told you it was ridiculous)
-Not getting any mail. ha.
-Running out of tampons and deodorant (they say to bring enough to last 18 months...crazy right?)

Alright so there you have it. I have some silly fears. But... I assure you I am working on overcoming some of those ha.

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deveney said...

I'll send you some tampons in the mail...that will help with two of your fears ;) haha!