Monday, February 16, 2009

and you thought we were done... but no no.

The following are just a few more pictures that we simply couldn't leave out. ................

This is my dream car.... I love it. Only in black would be ideal.

So Beautiful. We loved the snow covered mountains

Jordan is so OLD! ahhgah!
Tarah is extremely concerned that she looks like a cancer patient in this photo, so as to comfort her, we should have you all know we are both in good health... and still smiling.
It would appear as if we are locked up... but we assure you, we are not.
Lately Tarah has had this anxiety around people she doesn't know. This is seriously how she was during every elevator ride. I had to pry her out of the corner after everyone got off. She just.... (sigh) I don't know... We need to figure it out. We're working on breaking her out of her shell. But shoot.... if you know her, forget that! She's a MEAN conversationist!...
Just another concern regarding my beloved sister Tarah. I think she's becoming an herbivore. :)


Even I cannot explain her [tarah's] behavior sometimes.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" ..... "AN AIRPLANE!" HA! I just love this picture. It speaks for itself. Okay Okay I'll explain... It was like NEGATIVE degrees outside and my dad is wearing shorts. PUH!

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