Saturday, February 21, 2009

Red Rover! Red Rover! Send Callyssa right over!

Red Rover was the best part. Besides Leah's delicious Strawberry and Chocolate Ice-cream cake of course. The kids had a fun time with Red Rover for sure... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALLYSSA! We love you!


Julia said...

Thank you Tarah and Sarah for being such INCREDIBLE aunties and sisters. It means so much when you come to visit and play.

We miss our Myers, Westover and Westover cousins!!!

Tarah Westovers Blogspot said...

We LOVE being AUNTIES!! You girls have no idea how much we love your children. Each and every one of them. We wish we could see them more often. Sundays are often times busy for us because of our church callings and what not. but we love you SO MUCH!