Monday, February 16, 2009


So..........we were lucky enough this year to spend Christmas in Utah with Grandma and Grandpa. It was a good time... We got to see Aunt Lori and her family, Uncle Kyle and his family, AND... uncle Todd and his family. Sweet grandpa was in the hospital the entire time from his foot surgery... but it was neat that we could all be there with him and grandma. He improved A TON just in the short time we were there. . . and we're so glad for it. :) We had a lot of fun with him.... and ask apparantly, Grandpa's quite the cheater when it comes to chess. (ask Jordan, he'll attest)

While we were there we stayed at a resort, a sheraton in Salt Lake... we were close to the Temple and one night we went and saw the Christmas presentations they were having and just enjoyed the lights as a family. It was beautiful.

Obviously, it was snowing and just beautifully white the entire time we were there, so..... seeing how we are Arizona birds and rarely get to see such things, we took advantage of it and made a snowwoman while we were there. It was in the courtyard of our hotel, which isn't quite as cool, but it was still excellent there's no doubt about that.
Tarah was especially excited about the snow woman that she pretty much built. ha ha... so... we had to take a plethora of pictures... naturally. You understand.

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