Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here she comes!

Rebekah flew in from Costa Rica on February 6th, and lucky us... WE GOT TO PICK HER UP! She stayed with us that night, we brought her home and she took a warm shower which apparantly she hadn't had since she left because they didn't have hot water there,so it was fun hearing her scream with Joy during her whole shower. :)Then we picked up something for dinner and picnicked at the temple. We just visited and enjoyed having her home. It was so unbelievably good to see her. She kept saying stuff like, "I am SO grateful for the United States. It's so amazing, we are so lucky!" :)
When we went home that weekend for Risa Anderson's wedding, Jared and Laci came over to the house and after much begging we got Bekah to give us all a lesson in Salsa Dancing,using Jared as her dance partner. I wish I had the video, but I don't.
Anyways, it was really fun to be able to see her for a while. While we were home, Mom got back from Utah and with her, she brough Orange and Cinnamon Sweet Rolls from Shirley's Bakery in Utah... mmmmm. They were a HUGE hit with everyone! Thanks mom!:)

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Just the Seven of Us said...

Man you guys suck at keeping a blog. Tarah, you're going to have to update this thing every now and again. Nothing but love!