Sunday, December 26, 2010

AH Come on! ....

Well this post is a little late, but on Wednesday, Sarah worked and Melissa Petramalo insisted on bringing me over to the "Rehab center" more commonly known as grandma Ray's house where Brother Petramalo is currently recovering from his hip replacement also... so as much as I really wasn't feeling real up to it... I also REALLY wanted to see Jared...and well, we do silly things when we're in "like" with someone. SO... I did end up going over. Jared and Grandma Ray and I hung out for a while and watched a movie that she really wanted me to watch with her. Little Lord Fontleroy was the name of it. I was completely out of it from the drugs and kinda fell asleep awhile though. They all tried real hard to talk me into staying late to watch the football game with them all but I had Sarah come get me. We had been home for maybe an hour or so and Jared text me and asked if I was up for a good movie and some company. ha....YES! I've never seen its a wonderful life before so he and melissa and mary and allison petramalo and his little sister Elizabeth came over and we watched it. HOLY SMOKES! SO....Jared sat next to me during this movie and oh my goodness he say close! We were touching! Now, this may seem ridiculous to some of you that I even make a big deal about this, but like I have expressed before, this guy is shy. VVERY SHY. Anyway, let's just say I wouldn't have minded being a little bit closer ;) but I will take what I can get.

**By the way, day after surgery, Jared brought me 2 of my favorite things. Chips and homemade salsa, and icecream sandwiches. Ughh this boy just gets better and better. ;)

Sarah and I have been up home for the Christmas holiday and it has been fun to be here with Grandma and mom and dad and Jordan. Rebekah and Jesse have also been around a bit and it has been fun. Merry Christmas everyone! Love ya!

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