Friday, December 17, 2010

A series of wonderful events.

Wednesday, December 8th. Jared and I went on a date. Okay actually, it was kind of a date. His game times got switched so what we were GOING to do, we couldn't do because of the game times, but... he picked me up. We drove quite a distance to the games; I had so much fun watching him play. And then we drove back. So, on our way back, I asked him "so Jared, I want to know what makes you happy.And I don't mean like... the gospel, because we both know that makes us both happy. I want to know what makes you HAPPY! For example: Rain, makes me happy.... Ice cream sandwiches... make me happy. There are just some things, that you can be so happy already, but some things just make you even happier. So I want to know what some of those things are for you." SO I told him I understood it was a thought provoking question and that since he was leaving the next day for a whole week, that he could just think on it and report back to me.

9 days later...
Friday, December 17th. Jared and I went on ANOTHER date tonight. First of all. Jared and I. Our dates aren't like normal dates. We just have a great time together. He doesn't fee like he needs to take me out to some fancy dinner, or go do goofy golf, which I LOVE... because that kind of stuff, where the guy pays for you... for some reason (that I know I need to get over) makes me feel uncomfortable. Anyway, so tonight we made dinner at our apartment. We had spaghetti and meat balls with salad and green beans. And THEN... I introduced him to this wonderful dessert I was just introduced to that I will soon introduce YOU ALL TO, called Tim Tam's from Australia. After dinner... we decided to go over our happy lists that we agreed to go over together. So we exchange happy lists. He filled me in on some notes he had taken from our last institute class that I missed, and we really just talked and enjoyed good conversation until 11:00. Okay. None of you really know Jared. But he is THE most shy guy you would ever know. Last date, I kind of initiated the hug at the end. So this time, I didn't want to. I wanted him to be the first one to move in that direction, like he wanted to. But he didn't! I know he is so shy, but he just stood there. So me... being naive as far as what to do... in that situation just started walking towards the door because he wasn't doing anything. So he picked up his things (lap top, scriptures etc) filling his hands, and we said our good nights and he left. I shut the door, went down the hall, and immediately expressed my frustration to Sarah how he DIDN'T HUG ME! :( LITERALLY... 45 seconds later there is a knock at the door. (Yeah. Yup. This is going to get as good as you think it is ;)) It was JARED! At the door... The following dialogue took place:

Me: "JARED! Hey! Long time no see."
Jared: "Oh hey Tarah!"
Me: "So, what's up?"
Jared: "Well, I forgot something." [then he paused for a second] "My hands were full before...."
and me, being me, I cut him off mid sentence (I think he was going to say more) but I just went right in for the hug. :) and said, "Aw Jared. You're so great. Thank you!" And this was no short hug. He just..he just held me there for a little bit! (AHHH!) and I said, "Well Thank you Jared. Now I can sleep well tonight." THEN... we said our goodbye's... AGAIN. I shut the door, Sarah came into the doorway, and from down the hall we just look at each other and just stared at each other silently screaming inside... and then we screamed out loud!

Anyway. I wanted to send him something short and sweet to just let him know I had a great time and to say goodnight, so I consulted with Sarah about something to say. Sarah and her immaculate advice... told me to say this, "So... thought you should know, Jared's hugs just made my happy list. Goodnight." And this was his reply.

"Ha. Thought you should know... hugs from Tarah were already on my happy list. I just didn't have the nerve to read that one off. Dead Serious. It's there in writing. Night."
A month ago, I would have never thought this shy guy was capable of ever saying anything so stinking adorable.

Cloud 9?... no no.. I'm on Cloud 572.

Oh! P.S... and by the way :) (My surgery is at 5:00 on Monday. Pray everything goes well. I'm sure it will) I asked Jared if he would give me a blessing before my surgery. Of course, he said he will.


(This is Sarah writing now)
He loves her.
Even if I was the awkward third wheel that kept reappearing throughout their evening. He definitely loves her.



Joshua Westover said...

You girls are so crazy cool! I love it. Almost as adorable as you guys are to me! Keep up the blogging... great way to share!

Just the Seven of Us said...

Does he have this blog address??? Wouldn't that be so cute if he was secretly sitting at home reading this just SMILING and dying inside. I love it, reading this cute story is refreshing and just darling. Thank you for sharing it with us! Good luck on Monday. You are in our prayers!

rachel.lylene. said...

ooh la la! you girls are too stinkin' cute!!! And I love your blog! Along with the simple fact that you were BORN! and are related to me! Gosh dang!