Monday, December 20, 2010


Well today Jared and I did our companionship inventory (or step 13 as he calls it) out of the Preach my Gospel manual. He's so stinking cute.

My surgery is all done. Sarah took me home and propped me up and gave me my drugs with some cheese and crackers. (one of my favorite snacks) I love this girl. I love being her twin; she's the best. I am very dizzy still from the anesthesia and the vikadin is doing its normal thing. Making me a little nauseous but if you'll pray that it will not continue to do so, then I will be able to have them help for the pain. Also...I have to pee real bad but I can't... Im not sure why but I don't want to get a cathader like Sarah did. ahhhh. so pray I can pee please? I'm too young to get a cathader. Thanks for all the prayers. Love you all.


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