Sunday, December 19, 2010

.... is tomorrow. I know I'll be fine. I always get a little nervous before surgery though, so keep me in your prayers? Jared gave me a blessing tonight. It was a very nice blessing and it was great of him to do it for me.

Sarah and I are so frustrated with Jared and his shy, sometimes awkward nature. He's so stinking adorable when its just he and I but then there are other people around and I'm like some little girl with coooooties. He's such a stinker. Oh and just I am writing this, he text me and asked if he and I could do our "companionship inventory" because he wanted to do it before my surgery. Anyway, I kinda don't get this kid. Interested or not, Buckaroo? ;) Because it is PRETTY CLEAR how interested I am. Meh...anyway. No big deal.

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