Friday, December 10, 2010

Jared + Tarah... affectionately known by ME as Jar-bear + Tarah baby... :)

Ha. Oh dear. Might I just add my two cents? ... Thank you.

I think Miss Tarah Westover is soon going to become Mrs. Tarah Hitchcock. WhAT!? Yes. He loves her. He and her are constantly chatting away (via texting)... which is great, but if we could get them to communicate like that in person.... then we'd really be on our way. And they are getting better. Tarah just needs to be a little more aggressive, and Jared is getting there. He's come a long way. :) For him anyway. He is constantly swooning over what an incredible individual she is (it's all true :) and you can't blame him, he's got top notch taste!) and telling her things like, "you're one of the best friends I've ever had" or... "when I re read the general conference talks, every one of them makes me think of you." Umm, would you just kiss her already? Point blank: Tarah needs to move up to Utah so this ounce of goodness can continue to blossom into marriage and perfect little mini Tarah's and Jared Jr's. AND it needs to happen FAST because who knows what my future has in store for me. Oh, how I love it.

About what Tarah said below. Uhm, she is right. I have worked my little pahookie off this semester. Unfortunately, my grade in Bio won't quite pay off I'm afraid. I think I'll be just short of an A. :( So so sad. BUT! On a happier note, I have witnessed a miracle take place in my math class. I have endured the most awful semester in my math class. My teacher has been anything but fair. And he was just awful to me. I may have been outspoken and often times upset at him, but... if you could have only been there, it was all for good reason. So... about a month ago he was fired! Praises! So many praises. I screamed when I found out I was so excited. I spoke with my new teacher and because of a bunch of CRAP my past teacher pulled on me, my grade was like a 70. I asked my teacher if it was possible that I get an A, and she told me that if I got 100% on the last two tests there was a possibility that I could get an A. Ummm, I JUST GOT 100% OF THE FIRST OF THOSE TWO TESTS! And the last is the final. Keep praying for me. I'm so grateful for the prayers thus far, but keep them coming! :)

Riding a bike hasn't been all bad. I only really rode it to work for like 2 weeks, which is good because it was 14 miles round trip and for a while there I thought it was going to render me sterile. If it didn't already. Dad and Mom have been so great to have lent us their camry for a couple of weeks before we go up home. And we just have so many great friends down here and sisters :) that have been so helpful and wonderful as well. Such blessings.

My heart just aches for Tarah's knee. I know exactly how she feels and I don't envy her one bit. I just pray it will be a quick and smooth recovery for her.

I have been working full time with a sweet little elderly lady, Becky doing in home health care. And Tarah as well. She has been picking up night shifts there working part time. We love her and her husband Coy... so much! They are so great and this job is such a blessing in our lives.

"Life is ridiculously enjoyable", as once said by Miss Catrina Lynn.


Just the Seven of Us said...

I just LOVE it, I LOVE it all! escept for the torn ACL, and the studying so hard you could cry stuff! But, I guess I just LOVE you both so much. And by golly, you are so witty when you write - I can jsut see you saying it to me - I just LOVE it!

Just the Seven of Us said...

Sorry I can't spell! ;-)