Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alright. I am really getting into my janitor job. It's great. I am going to be the most meticulous, anal mother when it comes to my children cleaning their rooms. I am totally learning a ton of awesome cleaning techniques. It's great. I moved into my new apartment yesterday and my roommates are a little messy so when they all left today, I cranked out the vacuum, clorox, toilet cleaner and went to BUSINESS! It was great. Anyway, hmm. I talked with Rebecca Hitchcock most the day today and I am just so excited to move to Idaho. It's going to be so stinking fun.

I should be doing homework... and Im not. I have way tooo many clothes and I need to do something about it. It's awful. Joshua is sick. Poor guy. I went over and made him a parfait for breakfast. He slept till like 11 though which was so good for him! Poor guy. My roommates are all very interesting. I have never lived with anyone other than Sarah and its just strange. But, not bad. It'll just take getting used to. I put pictures up in my room today, and made some cards to put in the mail.

My knee is definitely not feeling the way it was before I fell. I am nervous about it.AHH... ugh.

***Moroni is such a STUD! He totally rocks. Read Mormon 9:1-6....I love it.

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