Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BAGHHGHHGHH!! February 16, 2011

Today was an absolutely SPLENDID DAY. Work went well this morning. I was so sleepy that I wanted to come straight home and take a nap but I thought to myself....uh, NO. If I do that, then I will be incredibly groggy and unproductive today... SO... I thought to myself, well I need to get my exercise in and do my scripture study so I walked to the temple and did my study which ...may I just say, was wonderful. WONDERFUL! Read Mormon 9:28,31,48. I love them. They are such good principles and lessons for us to learn and remember. "...Ask with a FIRMNESS UNSHAKEN that ye will yield to no temptation, but that ye will serve the true and living God." Do you just LOVE THAT?! I love the gospel! I love the truth that we find in the scriptures.

Alright... I know that we all have times when we just feel like we wish we could be better. We recognize our weaknesses and imperfections but it is frustrating because we wish that we could just fix it! Well read verse 31. It's mainly the second half but it's such a great principle. We have weaknesses and imperfections to LEARN and to GROW from them. To become better! I love it.

Now... for the absolutely SPECTACULAR PURPOSE of this post.............................................. Dominique from Michaels called me today! I have a job interview on FRIDAY! I am so grateful. Here's the thing... she wants me to work every other Sunday and I told her I really would like to have Sundays off but she said we can talk about it. So please pray that she will just have a good feeling about me, and know that I will work my HINEY off for her and that she will just hire me without working Sundays.

**Oh, and I got asked out on a date tonight for Friday night. Yahooo...... :/ It's going to be fun because I am making a point to NOT hate it. ha.

It snowed hard tonight. It was beautiful to watch. I love it. Jared and I had a good conversation tonight that I think made us both go, hmm....we are NOT on the same page in this relationship at all! ha. anyway, we'll talk about it sometime soon and clear up the confusion.

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