Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet things.

Oh I saw the most adorable thing today. I was at the gym doing about 15 minutes on the bike just to loosen my knee up before swimming laps and this adorable old old couple comes in together and start working out of the machines. I proceeded to watch them for about 10 minutes and they just helped each other on and off each machine, and back onto another one. about 45 minutes later when I was leaving the gym, they were leaving as well. They walked out to their car and I witnessed this most ADORABLE ACT! This sweet elderly man had his wife's hand in his and walked her right around to the passenger side, opened her door for her, got her settled into the seat, leaned over and kissed her then shut the door and walked around and got into his seat. OH MY GOODNESS I about lost it. It was adorable. I hope that I can have a husband who will go to the gym with me well into our 70's and 80's if possible and work out with me, then open my door for me and kiss me! All because he just wants to. So sweet.

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