Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't worry. BE HAPPY!

WHAA! I am so happpy! Today was a great day. Other than the fact that my knee hurts. Bad. I think that when I fell the other day, I might have re torn my ACL. I am so scared about it. But I know everything will be ok.

Today I helped Joshua move his whole room into the other side of the basement at Gma's and then moved Jacob and Rebekah in and we rocked out to Pandora. I listened to a couple songs that quite frankly just made me HAPPY. Listen to "happy" and "on the bright side" by the artist, never shout never. They will make you happy. :) OH OH, AND "Don't worry, be happy" by Bobby Mcferrin.

Joshua, Jacob, Rebekah and I all went to listen to Amy Whitcomb's band play tonight and oh my goodness. I was inspired. She's incredible. Her band's name is "The Whits" so... watch for them. I truly think they will be big someday soon!

I went over to Jared's house to look at his family pictures that he just got...Mary Petramalo (a good friend of mine) took them for his family and I was wanting to see them. They turned out SO GOOD! I loved them. Jared makes me so happy. happy. And when he hugs me, he lingers....he just hugs for a long time and I love it!

I MISS MESA. I miss everyone there. I love you all!

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deveney said...

Praying for your knee...