Friday, February 4, 2011

I am so HAPPPPY!

Oooooo Hooo hooo! I have so much to be grateful for! My goodness. So, my day yesterday was extraordinary. I made $32 grading some papers for a teacher for 3.5 hours. Geometry tests. Yuck! BUT...I made some money! YEAH! Anyway, I also heard back from the Janitorial place and I got the job Monday through Friday for about 4 hours every night cleaning restrooms in the city library and a couple other city buildings. ALSO... Joseph and Mindy Petramalo will be out of town for 3 weeks and he wants me to take his poop scooping job on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Yes, I will be scooping Dog's poop all day and you're absolutely right! I have NEVER been so excited to clean bathrooms and scoop poop. It's such a BLESSING!

Joshua and I got up and exercised. Wasn't quite as cold as the day before... only 6 degrees this time. ;) GREAT walking weather. ha...funny story. We were walking and we're in like a light sweater and some shorts yeah? And we pass these 2 sweeet older guys walking and they have hats, ear muffs, and big POOFY jackets on ha. We pass them and one says, "Hmm, you think we're a little over dressed?" Hahaha, I just turned around and was like, "NO! We're freeeezing!" Ha, it was great. Anyway, I got to go to the temple and it was great. I think that next week I am going to try to do some baptisms. We'll see if my knee can do it and if not, I'll do something strange to improvise. Anyway.... OH YES. Last bit of info... Last night, (Thursday) Jared text me and I happened to be at my cousins house making cookies with her. So... I asked him if he was in the mood for something sweet. So we brought him some butterscotch oatmeal cookies. It is Karli Giles recipe that I got from her and oh my HEAVENS! They're so good and turned out great. I need to thank her. Anyway, I got a big hug from Jared. GOSH he is such a handsome man! :) Dear Jared, I am going on a mission very soon. BUT...don't worry, I'll be back and I would love for you to wait for me. and by then, I will be ready for you to propose to me if you would like to. Then we can have adorable children and be so happy the rest of our lives. Let me know how you feel about this plan. Sincerely, Tarah.

ha. Jared and I are just friends right now for anyone who has not been informed of that yet. Anyway, I had a great day. and today will be one as well!

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