Monday, February 7, 2011


Yeah... it rained here in the beautiful city of Provo today. It was delightful. Josh and I began our day with a lovely walk. I went 3 miles briskly today. WHEW! Then came home and did some fun stuff... pushups, triceps dips, ab stuff.... all I can do really. Anyway.... it was a great start to the day. Did my scripture study, made joshua and I a yummy, healthy breakfast. One sided egg sandwich, with a grapefruit. YUM!

THEN...the productiveness begins. I got my lease all taken care of at Raintree, did the paperwork at the Janitorial place, went and bought a book for Joshua at the byu bookstore. He gave me his credit card to buy it but they wouldn't take it with no ID and they didn't believe my name was I had to buy it. I decided to just give it to him as a birthday gift. It was the book, "300 questions that LDS couples should ask each other before getting married". Then I went home, made lunch for Joshua and I. Left to pick up a few applications, and to get some information on donating plasma. I went and talked to the manager at Michaels and I REALLY hope to get a job with them. Its a full time position which is just what I need, and I am just hoping hoping hoping! I also made an appointment for tomorrow to donate plasma. WOO. Yeah. Oh, and I dropped a thank you card off in the mail for Jana and Bret Mitchell. Kind of a cool story... it's kind of personal, but one reads this anyway ha. So this morning when I was walking, sometimes I just pray in my head the whole time I walk and this morning was one of those days. I told Heavenly Father that I wanted to be able to hear the spirit, and follow promptings that I get. I told him that today I was only going to listen to good music if any at all, and that I was going to try extra hard to recognize when the spirit is trying to tell me something. I also pleaded with him that I might be able to maybe find someplace that was hiring, or just some sort of way that I can make money. I was driving along running my errands and just saw the plasma place. I had no idea it was there, but I saw it, and stopped and went in. SO...there is some kind of income. A tiny bit, but something. Oh by the way, all day long I listened to the Mo-tab in the car. I was literally rocking out to High on a Mountain Top. It was awesome. Anyway, so I get back into the car to leave the plasma place, and its real cold, windy, raining, and slushy and slippery because it had snowed last night... and while I was loving the rain, I was freezing and did not have my jacket on...and had my sandals on and wanted to go home. But...I had the impression that I should drive around the corner to the shopping center that was right there. I didn't know which stores were there but I felt like I ought to go and just see if anyone was hiring. So...I did. And Michael's was the store I went into. There was a big sign that said, NOW HIRING, so I asked to speak to a manager and we spoke and I filled out an application and I really hope to hear back from her soon.

I really continue each day to see the hand of the Lord in absolutely everything that I have, everything I do, everything that I want to be. I am so grateful for the goodness of our Heavenly Father. He truly does take care of us and I certainly do know that I WILL find something here.

***DEVENEY emailed me tonight. It made me really happy.... :( but it made me miss them all so much.


Sarah Katherine Westover said...

Tarah. I want to be just like you. Not even when I grow up. Before I grow up would be good. I think you are amazing. I miss having you here to inspire good in my life. But. I'm trying... every day to be as wonderful as you.

I love you twin sister.

Tarah said...

Oh man. Sarah bell. Stop that. Seriously. I'm tearing up here! It's not true, but...just so you know I feel the same about you. We strengthen each other.

Is it because I was rocking out to How Firm a Foundation? Because you can too. ;)

Love you too twin sis.