Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"I'm walking on sunshine... whoaa oh oh oooooh!"

Can anyone guess why I am walking on sunshine?! Besides Sarah... Yes. I love life. I love the trials we go through. I love learning from them... I love the people I know who inspire and lift me. I am so happy to be alive and grateful for EVERY good thing. Actually, you know what, I am grateful for every bad thing as well because the good things wouldn't be good if it weren't for the bad.

Life is Ridiculously Enjoyable.

So...tonight I got paid $40 to grade a lady's papers for her and I am so grateful for that. While I was grading them, Jared text me and asked what I was doing tonight, so I told him and he said he had homework that was due but that the internet was down at his house and he wanted to know if he could come use mine. Uh..... yes. Absolutely you can do that Jared. :) Anyway, so we both worked on our things together tonight and he gave me the most adorable hug tonight. 2 of them actually, but let me just explain to you what he did. AH its too cute. SO... besides the fact that I am addicted to his hugs...they are so delightful, he does this cute thing where he puts his hand across the back of my head... and hmm...I don't know how to describe it without making it sound a tad bit creepy but its NOT CREEPY, at all! It's adorable and I love it. Anyway, it was a good night. I am grateful to have him as a friend. He really does a lot for me.

Anyone reading this that wants to, would you keep my knee in your prayers? I had a fall today. It snowed last night and I slipped all the way down the stairs and my knee bent into a position that it really should not go into. It hurt a lot...and has been real weak all day. I am just afraid that it may have re torn and I am just praying that it isn't. I would love any prayers in that behalf.

***I have a new hobby. Leaving Sarah voicemails. It's so great. ha. We talked on the phone 4 times today. Hmm....that seems wrong, but I LOVED it. SOOO MUCH. I love her. Sarah. I love you.

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