Monday, February 21, 2011

"You feel good in my arms."

YEAH! Uh huh... yep. That is what Jared said to me last night as he was hugging me. "You feel good in my arms." AND he kissed the top of my head. AHHH. Ha. He's adorable. I am just quite frankly head over for this handsome boy! He's too nice to me.

This Sunday was amazing. Really everything about it was. We had 3 incredible sacrament talks on prayer and receiving revelation and answers to our prayers, then a Sunday school lesson on miracles, and a R.S. lesson on the importance and eternal principle of work. A girl in our ward named McKay gave the lesson and really it was absolutely wonderful. She just had a visible love and testimony of the Book of Mormon, and the gospel and it radiated. She really taught it so well and I just got a lot out of every lesson, talk, and class I was in.

After church Jared and his cousin and his fiance all came over to my apartment for some checkerboard cake that we made Saturday night for fun. Anyway, they didn't stay long...just came over for some cake and left but Jared text me afterward and asked me if he could see me again so I went over to his aunts house where he's staying at 6:15 and I stayed there till 9:15. We played 4 games of ping pong. ALL of which I lost but I won't lose all of them next time. Then I asked him if he'd play some piano for me because I have heard he's real good but he denies it... so, it turns out he is really good. He plays a gorgeous version of If you could Hie to Kolob. It was beautiful. THEN... his family all came in and while his Aunt played, we all sang a few hymns.
His hometeachers came at 8:30 so I told him I'd get out of his hair and see him later but he told me to stay so I got hometaught twice today. It was great. ANYWAY... we went to Ward Prayer at 9:30 and then I took him home. (he has no car here, and I am borrowing Joshua's) and THAT is when he told me I felt good in his arms. WHaaa! So sweeeet. Then he text me later and told me his shirt smelt really good because it smelt like me ha. too funny. He's so good.

***oh! For anyone who wondered how my date went on Friday.... ha. We got a flat tire on the way to Sandy for dinner which was an hour away from Provo. So funny... anyway, I'm not exactly interested in the guy but I got free dinner out of it. (That's awful.)