Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Because of your faith.."

I recently finished going through the conference talks and have just started over at the beginning again and listened today to Jeffrey R. Holland's talk entitled, "Because of your Faith." My goodness if listening to him doesn't make you feel completely loved and treasured, I don't know what will. I'm sure grateful for the loving leaders we have today.

Today was a rather discouraging day for me as far as the job search goes. Had another interview. Third one this went just as well as the other two, until he asked if I could commit to be here for 6 months. Dang. I went home and called about 15 dental offices, 9 dental labs, 13 Physical Therapy clinics, 11 day cares, along with an office max and few department stores here and there to see if anyone was hiring. I pleaded with a few people....but, nothing. SO....I am hoping to maybe get a phone call back from some of the places I have applied the past couple days. I really need a job. BUT! I tried real hard to stay positive today... because I know the Lord will provide. I went to the Provo Temple and did baptisms today, which is something I have never done before so that was great. I especially LOVED the underwear that they provide in the baptistry. Oh they are sure comfy and don't give you wedgies like the Mesa temple ones do. I can't wait to wear garments! :)

Tonight in dong my workout (As little as I can do with a bum knee) I tried doing some push-ups and my knee seemed to handle them just fine. Yes, because my shoulders and I are way too weak to do man push-ups so I have to do the girl ones. Anyway, So I am looking forward to being a little sore from those tomorrow. :) I wish I could go out and play some soccer. Soccer always lifts my spirits but, since I can't...Sarah went and played some indoor tonight. SO fun. I am a little jealous, but mostly just happy she is getting to play. Oh I love it!

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deveney said...

That talk was one of my favorites from conference!

Stay upbeat...yes, the Lord WILL provide. Glad you got to go experience the Provo temple. love ya!