Monday, January 31, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a dear Friend.

DEVENEY! Yep, that's you. Happy Birthday my lady. Thank you for the wonderful life you live and for the incredible example you are to me and others. LOVE YA!

Well, the big bro and I started our day out with a kind of chilly 2 mile walk around the Provo temple. Since I cannot run yet with my recently operated on knee, Joshua ran one mile (one loop around the temple is equivalent to a mile) and we walked 2 together. It was great exercise and a wonderful way to start the day!
We came back and had a little study/planning session together before he left for work. AHH! I love JOSHUA!

In my personal study today, I studied the way that the Holy Ghost influences our ability to learn and to teach as well. It was very insightful and I HOPE the more I study, the more prepared I will become to serve a mission.

GOOD NEWS! I had a job interview today. It was with a janitorial company, cleaning big offices like Nu Skin and Novell, and the hours are 9pm to 12 Monday through Friday. The only problem is that I need a car for the I'm looking for a cheap ride ha. Anyway, I felt like it went well, THEN...I stopped into Denny's and a couple other restaurants and literally walked in, asked to speak to a manager, and said, "Hi! I have an interesting situation. I am only going to be here a couple months and I really need to be working for those couple months and I am wondering if you have any positions available as a dishwasher, or anything! I will be your hardest worker for the short while I will be here and I would appreciate it so much." AND....Denny's might actually call me back which is great because its very close to where I might live so I could walk easily. PLEASE PRAY! Anyway, I have another job interview tomorrow. WHHHAAA!! The Lord is so good to me. He provides opportunities and I am so grateful for it.

I cooked tonight! WOOO. I made chicken pasta for Joshua and then he and I went out and just drove, and talked. We had very good conversation. I really enjoyed it. I love him a lot and I look up to him a great deal.

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