Wednesday, January 26, 2011


OK! Today was crazy productive. I told myself it had better be! SO...I woke up and had a great scripture study. I read in the first 5 chapters of Mormon. It's so incredible to me the change in the Nephites because of their pride. The SAME exact people as 4th nephi who were never a more righteous people very quickly became unrighteous and soon delighted in bloodshed. Over and over again, the Lord blessed them to defeat the Lamanites and they failed every time to recognize it was the Lord's doing and soon enough the Lord pulled away and did not bless them. It made me just think about how often we do things on our own without the help of the Lord because we just lose sight of him! We forget what a blessing and opportunity it is to be led and directed by the Savior. I am so grateful for the lessons and principles we learn in the scriptures. I love it!!

After my scripture study I went out and went around provo asking and picking up applications to every place that was hiring that is within walking distance to any place I might be living. I interviewed at the call center place today and hope to get a call back. Also put an application into the Residence Inn, Olive Garden, a janitorial place, and Jared Jewelry. They were all hiring and I would sure love to work at any of them. My spirits are high and I am positive that the Lord will bless me to find work and a place to live. BUT...any and all prayers in my direction are welcome. :)

I am going to institute tonight with my cousins and Josh's girlfriend Katie. I am rather excited about it.

***Just a little plug that will make my mother happy, even though she is far too busy to even read this. I have taken ALL my vitamins like a good girl the last 3 days in a row. woo hoo.

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Sarah Katherine Westover said...

Will you please come home already? I went running tonight. I just ran and cried pretty much. out of pure frustration for my new roommate. Please pray for me to love her.