Saturday, January 29, 2011

JOSH! I just want to stay home and do my homework!

UGHH! SO, I picked Joshua up from the airport last night, and Jared actually came along with me. Shocking... anyway. We got home and Josh wanted to go out and do something with Katie of course so he said, you ought to go ice skating with Brianna and Amber! (They had invited me earlier on) and I really wanted to because I thought it'd be fun but I was nervous about my knee, and also had SO much homework due on Sunday so I have to get it done by Saturday night right? So I told him, you know, I know they'll be out late...a so I told him please just let me stay home tonight. I won't always do this but I need to get my stuff done. SO....NOPE. He made me go out and be social. So...yeah, ice skating was fun, the FIRST hour. not the 2nd ha and it killed my knee. So I was thinking, oh good. Home after this. No, they're going to krispy kreme, then to a party... my thoughts were as follows: "JOSHUA I am going to kill you!" Really, anyway I tagged along and had a good attitude about it, and then at 1:30 I text Joshua and told him that we were headed home and HE DOESN'T ANSWER! He and Katie proceed to not answer for the next 45 minutes so .... my phone dies of course. Because I need it, ha, so it dies. Long story short, I end up sleeping at Amber's and what not. I need to make a copy of the key so I have one.

HIGHLIGHT of the day... I had my personal scripture study this morning and studied from Preach My Gospel today. Oh my goodness it was amazing. I am learning to love the scriptures so much. I didn't want to stop studying today, but Josh wanted to do companionship study so we did and it was GREAT! What a good habit to get into. We shared such good insights with each other. He shared more wonderful things than I did of course but I sure benefited from it. We also prayed together before he left to be with Katie this morning. Yep, we had family prayer. It was so great. I love Joshua and his wonderful example for me.

My new bishop asked the ward, in ward conference last week to email him 2 goals we have this new year that will help us in being more valiant in our discipleship. I'm putting these on here so that my loved ones can hold me to them!

1. Making sure, that every minute of the day, I am worthy of the spirit. That I am doing things each day that will allow me to have the spirit as my guide and influence the decisions I make, the things I say, my very thoughts, and my actions. I want to be able to receive promptings from the spirit and be able to RECOGNIZE that it IS the spirit, and act on those promptings.
2. Acting along side my first goal, but more specifically, I have made an effort this year and hope to continue the effort in starting each day in the scriptures. I don't want to just read from them, although that's a good start. ;) I want to incorporate other good sources that the brethren have provided for us, like Preach My Gospel, to make my scripture study more of a STUDY. I am preparing to go on a mission this summer and I want to increase the sincerity of my scripture study and by doing so, also better my relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Life is good! Even during hard, trying times, life is good.


deveney said...

Thank you for sharing this post...YOU are a good example to me.

Sarah Katherine Westover said...

I love you.

Tarah said...

I love you BOTH!