Wednesday, January 26, 2011 first few days in Utah

Sunday, January 23

Joshua's ward is MASSIVE. It was ward conference. I sat by Jared and his cousin Andrew and his fiance. Andrew is hilarious by the way. Ward conference was wonderful. Their stake has a theme for this year. It's 1 Timothy 4:12, Be thou an example. The stake president shared an incredible story about one of the survivors of the Rwanda Genocide. Talk about an incredible example, and not to mention a reality check for me. I am SO grateful for all I have. I am so blessed.
*Jared text me after church and asked what my plans were for dinner next sunday. ha... plan ahead much? too funny. I informed him that I had no plans for the next 3 months. :) So... dinner at his place next sunday it is.

Monday, January 24

I looked for some places to live today. I am not going to be able to live in Grandma's upstairs so I'll have to find something and so far there is nothing that won't be $300 a month. :/ So much for coming up here and saving money eh? Well.... that's just a challenge I am dealing with now but I'll find something. It'll all work out. I found out today that I am on the spring/fall track at BYU Idaho so I will be going there in April. Classes start April 19th. AHH! Scary and exciting. I took Joshua to the airport today. He is on a business trip for a week (possibly 2) I am able to use his car while he is gone which is a blessing so I can try to find a job and housing, but I will be awfully lonesome here in grandma's basement all by myself for the next week or so. I miss Sarah a lot.

Tuesday, January 25

Woke up this morning and did some scripture study, listened to a conference talk and helped mama and grandma get on their way. It snowed a lot today. I had to drive in it to a job interview. I was sliding all over the road. I do NOT like driving in snow. ahh! Interview went so well. It was a nanny job. She hired me... then called me later and asked if I was planning on leaving in the next year.... Ooops... did I fail to mention I'd only be here 3 months? Darn. There goes that job. Search is still on. I stopped at a place and applied on my way home from that interview also...its a call center doing sales. Maybe ill get a call back there.... I was awfully sad and lonely tonight. It was stupid. ha... I had to think happy thoughts! Sarah called and informed me about her new roommates snoring problem and odd cat smell. Jesse Haws called me. INCREDIBLE! Ha, and so good to hear from him. I did some exercises tonight, and went to bed early.

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