Sunday, January 9, 2011

Last Friday..... .1.7.11.

Ok....SO.... I did something today that, well... quite frankly I was just down right proud of myself for. I kinda feel like I conquered a small fraction of the world... ha. Ready? ........ Yeah, I made cinnamon rolls. On my very own.... they were kinda hard and didn't taste real super great but... I still made them and they WERE still edible. ;) I was making them for my brother and sister in law Jacob and Rebekah who got married on Saturday and had their open house Friday. Their refreshments were cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. It turned out so well!

Little plug for my family... I love you all. You're so wonderful and beautiful! And I want to thank some of you for your very ANIMATED and OBVIOUS responses when you met the Hitchcock family. (SID, cough) Thank you all for that. :) I love each one of you.

JACOB AND REBEKAH are married!!! WILD! Oh I am so thrilled for my big brother. Joshua brought a girl to the wedding named Katie. She's adorable and we all love her! We're kinda hoping for something there.

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