Saturday, January 29, 2011

Forgot to mention Friday...

SO Jared came over Friday morning after he got out of class. He told me he had something to give me and wanted to swing by sometime. So.... he came over, I brought him downstairs and showed him the place ya know, and we sat down and talked for a little while. About school, his classes, my job search, sarah's roommate,the ward, Idaho, Joshua's love for speed, you know...normal things. ha. And he stayed for maybe 45 minutes and we got up to leave and he says to me, "Right, so I told you I had something to give to you... its a hug from Sarah. And she told me to make it a BIG one." So... I got a BIG hug from Jared today, from Sarah. Thanks Sarah. (You stinker)

OH OH OH! AND...he fixed Grandma's garage for me. Just for that, my crazy aunts should probably let me live there. But whatever. Anyway, that was nice of him. Quite the handyman. Just another great thing to add to my list. :)

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Sarah Katherine Westover said...

What? Girl. You need to be better about details. You said nothing about sitting and chatting for 45 minutes. What is that? That is what I want to know. Not that he walked over for 5 minutes just to give you a hug from me. Come on!

I'm glad you got it though. :)