Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bilingual twin sister and a SPLENDID Sunday

Sacrament meeting was splendid today. It was on the Holy Ghost. I loved the sacrament hymn today as well. It was hymn 185 and I for some reason just don't remember ever really singing it before but I know I have. Today I just really paid close attention to the words and they are wonderful. I'm sure grateful for my Savior's sacrifice for each of us.

After church today Joshua and I had a nice companionship planning session where we talked about time management and planning our days and managing our time wisely. It was so wonderful. We read some things from Steven R. Covey and it was wonderful! I left for dinner at Jared's after that... The Zundel family is his aunt and uncle that he's living with and they live real close to grandma's house so I walked there and enjoyed a very nice evening with their family. It was kind of them to invite me over and I did enjoy it. There was only one tiny awkward part of the night... they have this tradition where they go around and everyone gives an update on their love lives. (oh good gracious...right?) So we're going around the table and Jared and I are sitting right by each other and they completely skip right over both of us. Not sure why but I was sure grateful for it. (By the way, for those of you not updated on this... I still like Jared, but I don't think that he shares an interest ha) so...continuing with the story, one of the girls says, "Wait, why did we skip those two?" And Jared's cousin, Andrew says, "Oh they're already an item." WHAAAAAAT?! Anyone who knows me knows the color my face turned within seconds and how absolutely uncomfortable I was. I think I may have even mumbled under my breath "no". ha so I have no idea how Jared reacted but I did NOT look at him to see. I should have. I should have just flirted it up, and been like, oh? are we? Great! ha. anyway, the girl says it again, and Andrew again says, "It's because they're already an item." Ok...ok... next. who's next!? ha. Finally they dropped it. And I forgot about it fast but oh boy was it awkward for a few seconds. The rest of the night went well. Jared and I got up and washed the dishes, and cleaned up, then he walked me home and gave me a wonderful hug that I wanted more of. ha. I love hugs. ESPECIALLY Jared's hugs. They're good. I think deep inside me I was hoping I would walk inside after saying goodnight and that he would like come knocking on the door and be like, "ahh Tarah! I'm in love with you!" ha...yep, no. That did not happen but it's ok. I'm over it.

Yep. Sarah is bilingual. I got home from dinner at Jared's tonight and had 2 voice mails from Sarah ha. One in chinese, and one in kinda broken spanish ha. It made me so happy. Especially because she was calling to talk to me! :) I love you SO much Sarah. And thank you for your messages tonight. ANYWAY, I listened to her messages and couldn't call her right away because she said she was in a fireside, so I called my very good friend Melissa Petramalo because she had text me and asked me to call when I could. So we chatted a while. I loved it, and then I got to talk to SARAH! She called me. We talked for a really long time tonight and I LOVED it so much. So so much. Oh I do love that sweeeet thing. I'm so lucky I share DNA with her. ;)
I also got to talk to Catie tonight. ON THE PHONE! I am so grateful for such wonderful friends and family. I love you all! And Catie and Sarah, I loved talking to you both. MUAH!


deveney said...

I, too, discovered the wonderful words or this sacrament hymn a couple years, and it has been a favorite since. Thank goodness for music!

And, I think that would make Sarah tri-lingual :)

Tarah Westovers Blogspot said...

OH...DUH. HA.... FUNNY.trilingual. her english is kind of broken though... ;)