Thursday, January 6, 2011

Butterflies .... ughh....

Jared called me tonight. Yeah, I was walking up the stairs to our apartment, with my arms full and I was unlocking the door when I felt my phone vibrate. One vibrate....ok ok, it could be a text.... oh shoot. A second vibrate, and a third. HELLO! I had the most massive, most uncomfortable butterflies in my stomach because if it was a call, it was definitely Jared. MAN! Why is it so scary talking to him on the phone? Oh yeah...I remember. HE'S SO QUIET AND SHY AND DOESN'T SAY MUCH BUT AT THE SAME TIME IS STINKING WONDERFUL AND ADORABLE. That sure makes things hard. uh huh...

so... anyway, no big deal. We talked for a half hour to forty five minutes maybe. I enjoy taking to him, I really do. BUT every time I get off the phone with him, I want to just... scream. Yeah, like a frustrated scream ha. Is that normal? I think it's because I feel so stupid talking to him because I get nervous and when I get nervous I OBVIOUSLY say silly things, and my voice gets higher. ha....which is so strange.

Kiah Spring (my niece) turned 7 today! Oh my goodness I remember when she was born. It was not very long ago it seems. We had a fun birthday party with a lot of my family tonight. I love my family. They're all so wonderful and if I may just say...........I have the most ADORABLE 25 nieces and nephews in the world. They're just darn cute.

Update on the knee... stitches came out monday, no crutches necessary, still in the brace until I can strengthen my quad muscles and knee joint....and .....hmmm, just moving faster everyday. Pray for complete, and successful, and FAST healing. And a plug for my good friend Deveney. She broke her foot (same bone that I broke twice, and I am praying it heals on its own Dev)

***Life is good. We're so blessed!

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deveney said...

You're so sweet! Thank you.